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  • 5-July-2023

What is print on demand? Explaining the pros.

Learn about the advantages of Print on Demand (POD) in the book publishing sector. Printing books in response to specific orders, this technique lowers costs and inventory risk. POD enables flexibility, caters to specialized markets, and encourages sustainability through rapid production times and the reprinting of publications that are no longer in print. Discover how Author's Point can help you navigate the POD industry and choose trustworthy printers for your high-caliber books.

Quick Look Can I Use Print-On-Demand for Self-Publishing My Book?

Yes, print-on-demand is an excellent option for self-publishing. It allows self-published authors to have their books printed and distributed without the need for large investments or inventory management. Author’s Point offers print-on-demand services, making it convenient for authors to get their books into the hands of readers.

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Advantages of Print on Demand for Book Publishing:

  • • A POD book can be printed in a relatively short time; the long wait usually required for traditional presses to print your work is cut to a minimum.
  • • The technical setup for print-on-demand publishing is quicker and less involved than the setup for offset or traditional printing. Usually, formatting material for POD takes minutes to upload and adjust. For traditional printers, this is not the case.
  • • Overhead costs for storage, handling, and inventory are significantly reduced because POD ordering drives down the costs that would be associated with having a large inventory.
  • • With POD, books are never out of stock; hence, older titles and rare editions can be brought back to life again as soon as they are demanded.
  • • POD allows the flexibility of offering niche publications, such as specialized academic texts or cookbooks, which would appeal to a small market niche.
  • • With POD, publishers have greater flexibility in handling unique print requirements. For example, publishers may want to print limited copies of a new author’s work to gauge market reception or restrict the number of copies for material with a short sales life.
  • • POD is a sustainable, environmentally friendly publishing option, reducing paper waste, excess printing, and transportation, catering to consumer demand for sustainable products.

What Is the Best Dimension for Print on Demand?

A high resolution is best for print-on-demand products, which is why we suggest a DPI of 300 (although 150 is great too if your work doesn't have fine details). Get consultancy from Our Experts who have been helping thousands of aspiring authors at the most affordable prices.

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If you decide Print-on-Demand is the way to go, Author's Point can help you. We have frequently uploaded books to Lightning Source and know how to use their templates and what glitches to watch for to make sure your book files are accepted. We also have good relationships with several different printers which are known for producing high-quality books and offering competitive pricing.