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  • 5-July-2023

Mistakes to avoid when publishing an ebook

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Are you an aspiring ebook writer but failing to make it as a published author? When it comes to entering the book publishing business, ebook publishing seems pretty easy and cheaper than actual printing. However, as simple and affordable as it may sound, the room for making mistakes is huge.

To find out some rookie publishing pitfalls and how to avoid them, read below:

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Self-Publishing and Proofreading Your Own Work

Not hiring someone to proofread and publish your ebook is the biggest mistake that you could make as an ebook writer. Self-publishing is a rather tricky process for the first-timers mostly, and due to lack of knowledge regarding the complete process, the chances of messing it up are fairly real.

Remember, readers are paying for your book, so you need to deliver value in exchange for it. Although, minor formatting issues and common language problems may appear small to you, but they have full potential to ruin your credibility in the eye of readers. Therefore it’s better to hire someone to publish and proofread your book because you have played your part.

Not Choosing the Right Ebook Publishing Platform

While publishing your eBook, finding the right platform to reach your targeted audience is a bit tricky. There are countless publishing platforms in the market, like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, Barnes & Noble Press, etc., and having the right understanding of which platform suits your content best is the key to publishing an ebook successfully.

No matter how interesting your book is and how groundbreaking your marketing strategy is, your efforts will go to waste if you don’t know which platform has your true target audience. You must consider some factors when publishing your book because these factors precisely affect your book sales and reach.

For example, if you are writing on a genre that’d be a hit among the elderly then you need to go for a platform that’s popular among seniors, has a kickass user interface, and offers compatibility for every device.

Uninteresting Titles

The average human attention span has reduced to 8.25 seconds, and this is all the time you have to grasp your reader’s attention. Your ebook title should be catchy and relevant enough to excite your reader and hit that buy now button. Giving subtitles is a huge help slash genius way to describe your book better.

No, or Poor Marketing

How will your audience know that you have written an amazing book if you do not constantly tell them about it? Your promotional strategy should be convincing (and consistent) enough that people must buy the book.

As an ebook writer, you are solely involved in each and every step of publishing your book. The right KPI to measure your book’s marketing success is when readers ask you this: “When is your next book coming?”

Your best and easy bets here are social media, author PR, influencer marketing, Amazon advertisements, SEO, and book reviews.

High Pricing

This part is a true testing hour for any author. Without being rude, ahm, first-time authors here need to cut back some confidence and seek help from experts. The most common mistake most new authors make is pricing their books high. Doing so, you are usually creating a feeling of indecisiveness among your readers because, frankly, no one would buy a pricey book from a new author.

Therefore the best strategy is to start with less price and gradually increase it as you build readership and impress them with quality content.

With the digital publishing industry growing fast, it has become accessible for storytellers and passionate writers to come forward with their stories. What’s missing is the proper guidance and knowledge about the field of ebook writing and publishing. Those who wish to leave their mark in this industry and get on the road to self-publishing ebooks should get experts on board for assistance in the beginning. Because once you master the art, then it's truly a piece of cake to publish a book!