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Over the years, we have picked up a few tricks of the trade, helping thousands of authors perfect their masterpieces through rigorous editing and formatting. Our team of experts prioritizes client satisfaction above all, allowing us to outplay, and outsmart our competition on all fronts. And the best part? We can do the same for you!

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Our editors and formatting specialists have diverse backgrounds that range from autobiographies that explore human nature to the deepest corners of fictional storytelling.

Our Core Values

At Author’s Point, we believe in meeting client requirements through transparency and security. Here’s a peek at what you can expect from us.

How We Make Your Book Publisher-Friendly

Every client is unique, so we set realistic KPIs from the start which help us always come through on time.

Draft Submission

Draft Submission

Our editors analyse your manuscript and develop strategies based on effectiveness and efficiency.

Primary Editing

Primary Editing

Our primary editing phase consists of structural editing and evaluation to deliver hypnotic flow.



We help your book get recognised by global publications by conducting in-depth formatting.

Secondary Editing

Secondary Editing

Once you greenlight the project, your book undergoes one last round of editing before being finalised.



The most refined and tailored version of your book is sent to your preferred publication platforms.

Want to Create Something New? Let’s Talk!

Our articulate approach to dealing with conventional problems makes us one of the best editing & formatting agencies in the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any queries? We’re here to answer them! We’ve compiled a handful of the most frequent questions our clients have for us; if you have more, feel free to Call Now or start a Live Chat.

  • What is book Editing?

    Book editing refers to keenly reading and reviewing the written content, detect the mistakes and then eliminating them to make it error-free.

  • Book editing refers to keenly reading and reviewing the written content, detect the mistakes and then eliminating them to make it error-free.

    Book editing deals more with the formatting however the book editing is about spelling, grammar, and other such issues.

  • Why does one need book editing services?

    To make your book professional and free of mistakes, taking a professional editing service is essential.

  • Which book editing srvices should I employ?

    Authors Point offers top-notch book editor services for all sorts of books at competitive rates.

  • What is book formatting?

    Book formatting refers to the arranging and styling of the content by splitting it into the finest paragraphs, adding punctuations, symbols, interior layout, graphics, and other elements.

  • How to format a book for publishing?

    Formatting a book is essential however it takes a lot of time and professional expertise. To format a book, you can consult the expert team of Authors Point.

  • How much to charge for formatting a book?

    The book formatting cost depends on your project nature, genre, and length.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Want to know how we treat our clients? Here’s a peek!

“I am glad that I trusted Authors Point for their ghostwriting services! The team that I worked with managed to maintain a high level of professionalism throughout the timeline of the project and they submitted exactly what I was looking for. Good job guys!”

Anne Gardner

“Working with Authors Point was a pleasure and I can’t imagine receiving better content from any other agency. They managed to deliver exactly what we discussed in the initial brief and kept me in the loop throughout the timeline of the project– perhaps because I was a little reluctant on trusting their writers at first. I take my words back and appreciate the additional effort!”

Emilie Robertson

“I needed some help in writing a book for my students. Even though I had a lot of material and resources for inspiration, my schedule didn’t allow me to actually sit down, and fan the flames of a long-lost hobby. Long story short, I stumbled upon this brilliant agency and my students absolutely love my lectures! Naturally, I plan on hiring them again very soon!”

Bruce Owens

“Authors Point is the best! I am an accomplished writer myself and I was pretty excited to get my work done from these guys. Perhaps the biggest compliment I can give these guys is that I learned a thing or two about writing compelling content throughout the timeline of my project. Of course, this only happened because they kept me in the loop from start to finish. Keep up the good work guys!”

Portia Fey

“This is a special shoutout to George and his team in Authors Point because they managed to conjure up a well-thought-out memoir for me so I could gift it to my wife on our wedding. To read your own biography as if it was a fairytale is probably the best wedding gift and I know now that the ghostwriters at Authors Point are up to the challenge. P.S. my wife loves it!”

John Sumner